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04-16-2013, 06:01 AM
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Originally Posted by OEL View Post
Hmmmm... 3 deaths, 140 injured, 8 critical, at least 10 amputations. Because of a premeditated attack.

I understand the appeal of being the devil's advocate, it makes you feel all clever and all, but I have to say, this isn't funny at all. And trust me, I'm no crazy right-wing patriot.
Who's being funny?

It took the Fox news commentator yesterday about 20 minutes to start talking about "never forgetting where we were this day" and how this would "forever change the city of Boston" and I'm saying thankfully it wasn't that bad. How many people who weren't on the scene remember where they were for the Atlanta Olympic bombing? Did that "forever change Atlanta?"

Too early to speculate on the suspects or their motivation, but even if this is a socio/religious/political thing, where does it rate?–June_2012

The world is a dangerous, dangerous place, and if people changed their habit patterns for everything like some will for this, nobody would ever leave the house. Keep calm and carry on, Boston ...

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