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04-16-2013, 06:44 AM
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Originally Posted by WildGopher View Post
There really are almost no options, if you believe the league's stated formula of needing owner, building, and market. Even greater Toronto brings up a big problem for the league with a move from Phoenix, although not for expansion or a move from some other city: they had to fight in court with everything they had to keep this team from moving to Hamilton against their wishes. To turn around now and say "never mind" would embarrass even this league. I hope Hamilton or SO get a team soon, but there's no way they're getting this one. Other markets either don't have an interested owner, a building, or a building on the way. There are so few options available to the NHL that if they don't think Seattle or QC are ready yet, they might be stuck staying in Glendale and swallowing the losses for another year or two.
Really, by waiting so late and creating a very short turnaround time, the game at that point becomes a buyer's market because there's so few interested parties that can be ready to host an NHL team in a few months. If you're the potential Quebec owner, you better have some good insider information on how prepared Seattle are to bid, because if you can find out they don't plan on putting in a serious offer, you don't have to pay the NHL what they want to get from you. Where else are they going to go?

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