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04-16-2013, 08:29 AM
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People have been pushing, shoving, running into Rinne all year. And basically the players have done a general rule. Rinne will get hurt because other teams know they can do this...... UNACCEPTABLE>>

It's pathetic and disgusting. That's not a team.....and not a Predators team.

The 2nd period we actually played hockey. Forsberg and Beck are bright spots. And who would have thought we all would have loved Rich Clune when he was picked up...

Diving Canucks..... let's see, Bieksa goes down like a shot, trainer comes out....... he's back in play within 2 minutes. Ironically.... Bieksa commented on his own team diving several years ago....
Derek Roy..........goes down to the ice, trainer comes out, has to be helped off the ice, comes back to play in the next period. My hubby said, it looks bad, like he lost consciousness for a few seconds..... I just laughed and said diving... I bet he'll be back in the next period...

Burrows is a sack of pus....he took that headshot at JP several years ago, fakes injuries and gets a ref mad at him.... he'll always be hated here. oh, and the biting incident.
When Hal Gill was going at him behind the net, we were all cheering on Gill..........and to the Canuck fans behind us telling us we didn't know hockey and shouldn't be saying that......go bite yourself.

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