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04-16-2013, 08:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Soundwave View Post
How are his hands? Overall skill and shot?

I've only seen him through a few Youtube clips to be honest.
Sorry Soundwave didn't see this post....he has good hands and a great shot. Very high skill level. Why isn't he higher if he is so good? Well good question.

I think if Monahan had more speed and quickness he might be pushing for #2 or 3 spot in this draft. Again not a weakness but not a strength either. If he works on those areas and improves he could be a homerun pick. He really is the low risk and high reward player in the draft (IMO).

He is also the most nhl ready. When I made this comment in a prior Oiler draft thread somebody said that he would be ranked higher. What I said then and am saying now is that he is the most ready from a combination of his game (offensive and defensive) and he should be able to handle it physically.... Doesn't mean he will be the best player 5 years from now so teams rank players based on long term (not just short term).

Monahan just would be such a great pick. Very low bust factor. His floor is probably a 3rd line center at worst. Most likely a 2nd but also has that 1st line star potential if he improves his skating.

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