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04-16-2013, 08:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Cloned View Post
Bets on this happening in the summer?

Krueger fired, MacT becomes head coach again, Burke hired as GM.
Why would MacT go back to coaching? He has a cozy management position with his friend as his superior, there's no motivation for him to go back to coaching which is a more cutthroat position.
Also, there is no chance NONE, that Burke will come here knowing that an equal or perhaps even bigger egomaniac will be here reigning as his superior.

What i could see (and i'm dead serious) is Krueger fired, Smith promoted to HC with Bucky as his associate. Not only are they friends of Lowe and MacT but MacT was absolutely gushing about those two and in particular, Smith. I used to think it was Bucky that would be the next HC but hearing MacT's interviews yesterday, i was astounded at all the Smith love and quite frankly, it scared me.

I just knew from the day MacT was brought back, that he would be Tambo's successor and i now have that feeling about the "Old Boys" behind the bench.

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