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Originally Posted by BernieParent View Post
It looks to me like 2-6 for each team, with the Flyers being on the PP for 8:19 and the Canadiens for 10:47.

What I don't understand is that White got 5 for fighting and a match penalty, but there is no initial penalty for the elbow/charge/etc. On the same play, Foster took a 5 for fighting, 2 for instigating, 2 for instigating with a shield and a 10-min misconduct, meaning the Flyers were on 4 min of PK after having their player knocked out with a cheap shot.

EDIT: But this doesn't correspond with the penalties. Flyers were on the PK 5 times in the 1st, both teams got 2 PPs in the 2nd, and there were 3 Flyer PPs and 1 Canadiens PP in the 3rd; however, 2 Flyers (Foster and Rosehill) took double minors, so I guess that counts as 2 penalties. By my count (and counting the aforementioned two double-minors as a single PP each), it should have been 7 Canadiens PPs and 5 Flyer PPs.

Eller also took a 5 and a game at the 20-minute mark of the 3rd for his two-handed swing.
Many errors remain. Someone in the NHL needs to check what happened last night in Montreal because the statistical input is beyond questionable. The multiple errors in the box score were only partially fixed.

Also have Hall and Fedotenko as a -3 which I don't think is correct.

18 A. Hall R 0 0 0 -3 0 2 09:48 02:00 03:02 14:50

At last check, they have three PPGs listed here for the Flyers and zero for Montreal under "Scoring Summary."

Yet, here, the amendment on PPGs was changed to 2-for-6 for each team:

It appears the off-ice officials fixed some of the input but there are conflicts with the official numbers.

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