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Originally Posted by LeBlondeDemon10 View Post
Ha, ha...All I'm saying is that the rivalry possibly acted as a safety valve for the release of tension building up in Western society over the possibility of a Soviet attack. Kind of like how they send prostitutes into the prisons in Spain. It allows the inmates to blow off steam if you know what I mean. A happy prisoner is a prisoner not causing problems, riots, etc...
What are the chances that President Nixon even knew that the series was taking place, much less that it "took steam" off of the Cold War? You are affording it way more prominence than it ever had. International sports competitions between the Soviets and the US were commonplace in a wide range of sports during that era. Outside of Canada, it is unlikely that there was any level of consciousness among NA sports fans that the series was taking place. The only thing noteworthy about the '72 and '74 series was that, among NA major sports leagues, only the NHL/WHA had foreign competition (the Soviets) that were fully capable of beating them.

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