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04-16-2013, 09:24 AM
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Originally Posted by HookKing View Post
I don't disagree with that -- my point was that by the time contract time came around it was too late to salvage the situation. He should have given Bud a sip before or at least told him he truly loved him or something or other. Instead, Bud took a powder and with good reason from his POV. I never said DL should have given him a 1 way contract -- just that he should have anticipated the problem.

The fact that DL was taken totally by surprise tells me 1 of two things happened a) he didn't realize how quickly Bud would be an UFA b) he wasn't communicating sufficiently with him on his status in the organization.
I think the problem was the one-way contract issue. I've heard of no other problems between Holloway and the Kings regarding a new contract at the time other than Holloway wanting a one-way deal and DL saying no.

Now there could be other issues I'm unaware of, but that's what I have gleaned from the info I've ever read on the situation.

Which is why I think all along its really no ones fault. I don't think DL should have handed out a one-way deal to a guy like Bud, and I think Bud was smart to chase the bigger money in Europe.

DL did know when Bud would be a UFA. I think the real question might be what type of ceiling that the scouts told DL Bud had. If they told him Bud was likely to be a 3rd/4th line type of guy, I can understand why DL didn't want to budge much on the one-way deal. Other than that, I've heard of no other issue regarding communication or the like. But as I said, that could easily fall into the issue of info that we haven't been made privy to.

I still disagree with giving Bud a sip, simply to give him a sip. For one, it's clearly not been the philosophy of the organization to give recalls to appease players, and secondly, someone in the organization (Terry Murray, Hextall, DL, etc.) obviously felt that Holloway either wasn't ready for a recall, or wasn't the right fit for a recall for the spot that was open.

Originally Posted by Bobby Ryan Getzlaf View Post
Not a PR disaster for the team or GM, a PR disaster for the player.
How is signing a one-way deal for a player like Holloway a PR disaster?

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