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04-16-2013, 09:36 AM
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Originally Posted by techfox View Post
Why? You don't like the truth?

Want to put your head in the sand and pretend Carey Price is indeed Jesus and hasn't been playing like crap?
I fully admit when he's being bad.

That post was just full of a bunch of self-serving drivel that made absolutely zero sense and had even less relevance.

Price is in a slump. I know the position. I know the situation. When you're on, you get a piece of the puck and it goes wide. When you're off, you get a piece of the puck and it finds a way to go in.

Price needs to work with the sports psychologist right now because there is a tendency to get into negative self-talk and even a sense of learned helplessness in this situation. Especially with Philly. I'm ready to have a bounce back game, boom, shot off a guy's face and into my own net. The next shot goes through a crowd and finds its way through my wickets. I make some break-away saves, feeling the groove, then boom, my defense is gone and I'm getting beat on plays that are hard to stop. Any confidence that could have came from those big saves are now gone and we're back in the negative self-talk phase, movements get sluggish, technique becomes flawed, you're deeper in your net, you're not tracking the puck into your body.

It's now the time for the team to help him out. We've got to adopt a defensive system for the next few games to insulate Price, give him stoppable pucks, don't give up odd man rushes, tic-tac-toe plays, one-timers.. just let him see the puck and make some routine saves. Get out of the first period without surrendering a goal and it all goes away.

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