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04-16-2013, 10:11 AM
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Originally Posted by bsl View Post
Self serving drivel? A sports Psychologist? WTF are you on?

Price needed to step up when Emelin got injured and he did not. The sky is blue. The sun rises in the east. Price has **** the bed exactly when we needed him most. That is what pisses me off.

Is that wrong? No. I don't hate Price, but I do hate that he picked the two key winnable games this year to be absolutely ****.

Do your realize that if we had beaten Leafs and Flyers, a very realistic scenario, we would be a lock for fourth, and in very good position for second? Do you realize this?

They were our two most important, winnable games this year, and Price failed, massively, in both games. Stop making excuses, he failed. He might have ****ed our chances of escaping the first round while Prust and Diaz healed.

I have to be clear here: I do not expect Price to be a god 60 games a year. Of course not. But if he is our no. 1, and we want to contend, I do expect him to step up in the ten games per year that really count. And he does ****ing not.
Were these 2 games really when we needed him the most?

What about the games when we were looking to clinch a playoff spot?

What about the playoffs?

Everybody needs to relax. These games were important to win but were not THE most important. Step it up in the playoffs and everything will be forgotten.

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