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04-16-2013, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by SteveNeptune View Post
Huh never saw that Asham fight. Fair enough. He didn't choose that though.
Oh, my bad. I confused him skating half way across the ice to pick the fight as him choosing it. I guess when he knocked Asham on his ass for going at Rivet it was just an accident.

Originally Posted by SteveNeptune View Post
Powe is not a fighter.
No, but he was a Flyer at the time, and Kaleta did knock him silly.

Originally Posted by SteveNeptune View Post
A 6'6" 220lb rookie who fights is still a rookie.
Are you making a point? Is there something about being a rookie that makes a player off limits when it comes to fighting i'm not aware of? I've been a hockey fan for 20+ years now, i've never encountered this line of thinking. As a Sabres fan who got into hockey in the late 80's i've seen Rob Ray fight 25 times in his first full season against guys like Kocur and Nilan, Brad May fight 13 times against guys like Corson and Quintal, and Matt Barnaby fight 8 times against guys like Odelein, Peluso, and Roberge. Ray, May, and Barnaby were all 6 footers. You really looking for sympathy for a 6'6 24 year old for getting his ass beat by a guy half a foot shorter because he's a rookie? This might not be the best forum for you. Not to mention, even if you wanted to follow that bizarre line of excuse making, it completely skips over the fact that Lauridsen is the one who picked the fight in the first place.

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