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04-16-2013, 10:54 AM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Is that what you got from my post? Trade Gallagher?


Rosehill goes after Gallagher. Nothing. Rosehill goes after Pacioretty. Nothing.

If you liked tonight, then get used to it as we slide toward the playoffs. Every team in the playoffs knows now that the way to beat the Habs in a game is to physically beat them on the ice.

Target the talent, get away with it, target the talent some more and then laugh as you get away with it. Win the game, laugh at the Habs for taking it over and over again.

Gallagher is all heart. Too bad he is too small to stand up against Rosehill or the next goon to target him. No one on the team can do that. Prust tried. Prust is on the IR for fighting the goons and getting worn down. He got slammed on his shoulder by the ****ing tool Kaletta. No one else could or would stand up.

We dont need a damned enforcer. Right? I hope Bergevin is happy with the way the last two games turned out.

I just found it sad that you said "May not win a Cup but Bergevin saved a 6th round pick to draft another undersized forward." Brendan Gallagher is an undersized 5th round pick, don't forget. I have no problem with a second Gallagher. I prefer him, Hudon, etc. than a Colton Orr. It's just that I'd rather get a goon during the summer, when it's free.

Do we need an enforcer. Maybe. It won't protect Gallagher from anything. Gallagher won't change his game. He will continue to crash the net. The others players will continue to try to intimidate him because they want to keep their jobs. He will come back because he is Gallagher. And they will continue. Montréal may dress a goon, he won't be able to stop others teams to hit or slash Gallagher because they want to keep their jobs. Rosehill will continue to play like a ****** because he wants $$$ and a roster spot in the NHL. They are more afraid of losing a job than a guy who will ask for a fight and who won't play with Gallagher since one is a top-6er and the other is a 4-6 minutes goon. A goon, it would be entertaining. It would be cool to see Bordeleau destroy Orr and Mclaren at the same time. No problem, but I just want to say that a goon is a marginal player. We should still need to score many goals and to defend. It won't prevent us from losing a game pretty badly sometimes.

Did the Bruins beat us two years ago with fighting ? Philly three years ago ? No. They weren't that physical. They scored more goals than us. Simple. Boston played good defence and Philly putted a lot of pressure on our defence. A team would be stupid to gooning a game in the playoff, it is too much dangerous. A penalty killing and it may mean the end. This is a reason why goons don't play in playoff. The regular season is far more physical. And don't forget that we are second in the eastern conference, without goon. I don't say it is a correlation. It's just that, like I said, goons are marginal player that don't play in playoff but they are entertaining. And we are a good team because we have good depth and a good system.

By the way, didn't Prust injured himself ? Like a month ago and has been injured in the game vs Toronto with a legal (and not that big) hit last saturday ? Pretty sure RDS showed it in the pregame. Obviously I hated the two last games. This is why I want my team to be better... at playing hockey. And why not fighting too, but it is secondary, because I want my team to be the best at hockey.

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