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04-16-2013, 12:36 PM
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Originally Posted by MonkeyBusiness View Post
This is getting ridiculous, what has he done recently? Therrien is just a hypocrite what happened to being accountable for your actions? What happened to him saying that if you play well you'll get more ice time? And when Desharnais will get the odd secondary assist people are going to be quick to point it out.
It's such ******** and it applies to lots of players. For some, he really doesn't have a choice, cuz there's no one in their position playing better. With DD, today, not being demoted is proof that MT is full of doggy doo doo and I'm starting to really not like how he's revealing himself to be just a PR stunt. Definitely been a good coach, but his mantras are for the public.

Consider that he benched Eller after a 2-1 Toronto loss. No, think about that score for a second. And said Eller was the only one who wasn't putting in effort (which he was). It was an excuse (mm hmmm) to change his lines up to put Chucky in at centre. Yeah Eller responded, but that's not at all why MT benched him, it was for his own line juggling. Also if it DID show a positive result for Eller, uh...why not bench your worst center?

I have always supported DD, but this season, particularly lately, he's been crap. Most of all, he's cost us some huge goals defensively. I always thought he was a humble dude, but when I saw him on AC dressed like a 70s pimp or some psychedelic leprechaun, he rubbed me the wrong way as if he was gods gift to the Habs. Then the contract. I thought he'd be like Pleky, and play even harder, but no. Pisses me off, cuz DD has the ability to school big talented players, but he's just playing like garbage. Doesn't help that Pacioretty sucks too right now. (BTW, any idea why Rosehill was so pissed at him?)

MT can resolve this by giving the Eller line more ice time than DDs since he's not changing anything even though AC said it's time to break it up. Even they can see it's not working and they want what's best for the team for once. Give Chucky a few more minutes and I'm sure him and Eller will put up more goals. They always make something happen.

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