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04-16-2013, 11:59 AM
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It's called a slump because you're not supposed to be playing well. Mission accomplished.

So now what? Assuming Diaz is back to 100% by the playoffs, we're still the team that beat everyone (except Pittsburgh) during the season and CAN beat anyone in a series. Some people are worried about the Leafs, but it wasn't their dirty play that won the last game, it was 20 minutes of empty nets we offered them.

It stands to reason that any team that loses their focus and their game plan won't win. That's what we've been seeing the past week - a mental letdown. Letdown by our D, letdown by Price, letdown by our forward backchecking. Mental fatigue is tougher to battle than physical fatigue because you can't see it or give it a prognosis. But it's crept into the team's psyches and turned this confident, resilient team through 40 games into a frustrated, tentative group of players the last few games. That's the definition of a slump: The same people unable to get the same results.

Yeah, Habs got pushed around. But that wasn't an issue with physical teams like Boston or Ottawa. The difference? We were on our game against those teams. We lost our game last week against other teams. We'll get our game back. 12 goals in two games isn't the Habs. This isn't the Habs we'll see in round-one.

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