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Originally Posted by Meanashell11 View Post
What a bunch of ****ing whiners on this forum.

You ***** and complain to get Tambo fired but your blood lust can't stop there. Now you have to ***** and moan that Lowe is still around.

He's right, those who pay and contribute can have a voice, the rest are just whiny tag-a-longs. Reminds me back when we played the Ducks last in the playoffs and I had to watch the game at a bar in Anaheim because it was not broadcast except cable. All these Ducks fans were sitting in the bar milking a giant Coke and *****ing that if the games next season weren't free on TV they weren't going to watch anymore. Oiler fans have stooped as low now.

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out and when we are competing for Stanley I hope you are all glued to the Flames broadcast.

They had a plan from day one and this is the final step. If you don't care until they are winners we will see you next season, you don't need to watch or bother with HF.

Geez, and I thought raising 4 kids was tough, listening to this is mind blowing.

end of rant.

Go Oilers
So, you:

1. Complain about whiners by whining.
2. Seem satisfied that teams led by Kevin Lowe have made the playoffs 3 times in 12 seasons?

Is this correct? You can be happy with the guy that has led this team from mediocrity to the worst franchise in the league, but not everyone has to be.

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