Thread: GDT: Preds vs Nucks
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04-16-2013, 12:30 PM
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A Canucks fan not even giving a moment's thought to the chance that maybe, just maaaybe, Kassian actually did something earlier to Rinne or said something to him to draw Pekka's ire. You know, since Rinne is not at all known for that type of play. We aren't talking about Turco, Thomas or Smith here. This is ****ing Pekka Rinne. Kassian is a guy trying to give his coaches a reason to keep him on the ice, and he isn't exactly playing on a team with toughness.

I shouldn't be surprised, though. He learned from Burrows and Lappy, and a lot of Vancouver fans have made a habit out of ignoring the ******** their players pull.

As far as a bench clearing brawl, I don't know. If the team weren't so banged up then maybe, but are we really going to risk suspensions right now with how depleted we are? Has Kassian put Rinne on his ass I'd agree. Don't think. Act. I think the response fit the crime.

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