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04-16-2013, 01:35 PM
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Originally Posted by techfox View Post
Why? You don't like the truth?

Want to put your head in the sand and pretend Carey Price is indeed Jesus and hasn't been playing like crap?
It's so easy to remember 2-3 games when everything unraveled. Price cost us 1 game. The others, it was the entire team including him to varying extents.

I wish you could re-watch our entire season this year, not just the 3 games you remember. Watch each save, each key moment when Price has bailed us out. You are the one burying your head in the sand because for all the great play he has shown (if I look at my texts during games to my best friends who I text throughout, it is fulllll of posts alluding to Carey being terrific), you want to remember the gross minority to make your point.

A bad goal or a bad game looks disproportionately worse than a terrific and steady season.

Carey has been playing below his potential to be dominant lately, and he has to fix that (by playing games), but he has played "like crap" not more than 3 times and, again, people like you fail to look at a play an see what the D did. A goalie takes some things into account when preparing for a save. He expects the guy on the far side to be covered. He expects to be able to push across at the right time, which means no cluster****s in the crease. He expects to not have his d men defelect the puck in constantly. You say he's playing's the wrong Dx.

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