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Originally Posted by okgooil View Post
The story of why we haven't made the playoffs is pretty clear to me. Lowe put together a very good team in 06, then Pronger wanted out. We had a lot of bad luck and Lowe made a lot of bad moves, no question. To me the post Pronger years were when Lowe realized he shouldn't be GM and stepped aside. He, all but admitted that yesterday. He did a very good job of putting together teams before that, but, he realized a couple years to late this team needed a full rebuild. So he stepped aside and let Tambo rebuild the team. However, now, as he admitted it is time to see more and TAmbo didn't seem to be getting the job done...

Bottom line, why have we sucked? well the first few years were Lowe making bad moves, however, the last 3-4 years were planned sucking. so take that as you will.

Lowe isn't perfect, I am not saying he is. Point out any GM in the NHL who hasn't made mistakes?
Tough because 19 out of 20 gms who have been as bad as him have had their ***** fire long ago.

If you add up the pluses as good moves and the minues as bad moves he is in huge minus territory and it boggles my mind that any one can not expect more out of the people that run this team.

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