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04-16-2013, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Quares27 View Post
Winnipeg fans seem to have an inferiority complex to most Canadian teams because their team is new and bad so they hate on teams like the Leafs and Habs thus leading to those fans hating them back... in reality nobody really cares about Winnipeg. Other Canadian fans just want them to shut up. Their arena fans are also incredibly annoying and dumb. They boo so many players for no reason at all, mock the opposing goalie even when he has a shutout going and their team is losing, etc.
Now that you mention it, I think it were Jets fans actually who were mocking Holtby when we were winning 4-0. We'd beaten them 6-1 the previous night. I thought I was hearing wrong. Joe B made a comment about the fans yelling, "Holt-by, Holt-by" and perhaps not understanding the proper context of the chant. Crazy stuff. If my team had been blown out 10-1 combined at home on a back to back that could have buried a division rival, I'd just sit quietly in my seat and drink my beer.

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