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04-16-2013, 01:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Kenny Powders View Post
Rofl.. You make it sound like Price never jad a camera in front of him with people questioning him...

For the love of god people...
So, what, he's supposed to be loving it now? The team crapped the bed in a bounceback game and we have Carey Price discussion thread 2.0. People blaming him for what was NOT his fault.

And they weren't questioning him, they were talking about him and doing the full media swarm. It's not like RDS is evil, it just wasn't a good time to do that from the perspective of someone who doesn't want Price to fall into a psychological hole. Obviously he's a lot stronger than I'm portraying him to be and he'll come back with a vengeance, but it'll be with the memory of people second guessing HIM after one of the worst D performances (whole team) I've seen.

LMFAO to you too cuz I find your lack of sensitivity to what's going on in players' heads to be devoid of understanding the position of goaltender and in addition to what this guy has had to put up with from media and fans. Cuts both ways. Carey will be fine, but if you watched that AC clip, and enjoyed it, you may hate Carey Price. I happen to be a fan, so piling on him is something I tend not to like. *enter dismissive acronym*

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