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04-16-2013, 01:17 PM
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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
He mentioned some actual FACTS btw, in case you missed them, re: Carey giving them a chance, which is back up by, oh idk, reality?

2-2 game due to (look at the number of saves up until then, most of them difficult) gorges just deciding D is for the birds. In the slot, two guys do nothing, goal.

This was repeated going forward. If you think Gally was just going through the motions, think again. Listen to what he said about the team and how they played. He's pissed cuz he gave it his all (Gally) and he knows that the rest of the team played like crap in front of a goalie who gave them a chance to win in a game where they had to do it for him.

NM, you'll see and hear what you want to. Budaj is starting. I hope we win. We'll see what happens to Carey. I'm not the one who's worried about him. Enjoy the swiss cheese team D we have if they have a repeat performance.
I just don't see what the **** is the point you're trying to make considering what I just posted in this thread. So I'll leave it at that. Players can talk all they want, they had to step up for a friend and a teammate yesterday, and just didn't. So as much as I like Gallagher, whose line was on the ice for quite a couple of defensive meltdowns yesterday, he can shut the **** up and keep that stuff behind closed door. They made fools out of themselves yesterday by backing up their goalie in front of the media, and then not even competing for his own sake. So adding up on top of that is even more ridiculous to me, since you couldn't even back up your words as a group.

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