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04-16-2013, 01:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Hullois View Post
Wow, nice personnal attacks there bud. What in the world do you know about me that makes you believe I would be "crying buckets of tears"?!?! You sound a hell lot like that leave britney alone guy.

And again on the Denis thing, he's answering a question about Carey Price, so obviously he will say his name lol and if you are such a Price fanboy, you should believe in him a bit more and not take for granted that he's affected by some reporters comments...
Ouch, like nobody has heard that britney line before when having to defend Price.

What makes me think that about you? The fact that it applies to anyone here who hasn't played an NHL game. Maybe some who have. (BTW, if you think that's a personal attack and not a differentiation between an HF poster and the goalie of the Habs...I can do better)

Jsut for logic's sake, why does he HAVE to say Carey's name?

Q: "Comment expliquer les déboirs récent de CAREY PRICE?"

A: "Bon, c'est parce-que SON style demande que..."

(no idea who he would have been talking about)

I do believe in him, but I also remember how the fans and media have been on his back and how it did affect him. PK has said the same thing too recently. You underestimate the effect it has and as a fanboy (and proud), I just don't like to SEE that stuff, even if it's just ME who is being affected by it (still think it was idiotic). Again, this is not really a big deal since MD is his buddy and RDS isn't out to get him by any means. It was just poorly executed IMO.

Anyway, you'll be eating out of his trapper, probably again, so I hope you like the taste of leather.

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