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04-16-2013, 02:02 PM
Have a McDavid day!
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So are all the Lowe haters, and peeps whining about comments about two-tiered fans deliberately ignorning Harpoon's post about why Lowe said what he said...or are they just looking for an excuse to hate?

Pay attention folks...

Originally Posted by harpoon View Post
At last ... at long last ... the dumbest man in hockey has been fired.
I was losing faith that this day would ever come.
It hardly even matters who was hired to replace him because nobody and I mean nobody could be worse than Tamby.
MacT is a smart guy ... Howson I'm less sold on because he had the Jackets in the lotto for most of his tenure in Columbus, but whatever.
I'm am so ****ing delighted that Tamby is gone.

Yes. its exactly like people are twisting his words. I wonder if you even listened to the press conference. Here's what Lowe said .... "we have two types of fans. We have paying customers and we have fans that watch the games that we still care about but certainly people that go to the games and support us ... we spend a lot of time talking to them and delivering our message".

The salient point there (and one that shockingly seems to have escaped the notice of everyone whining in the first thread) is that Lowe was speaking to a question about what the organization was going to say to the fans who question the guys who made the mess in the first place now being tasked with cleaning it up.

He was making a distinction between the team's ability to explain themselves to ticket holders (which he obviously feels they are doing a good job of) and non-ticket holders (who are necessarily further out of the loop).

For people to come on this board crying about being a "seventh tier fan" is just sad. And pathetic. And every bit as self-important as the comments they are calling Lowe out for making.

While this is all true, Lowe was not speaking to which fans pay the most or which fans are more important to him. He was answering a question about how he was going to justify firing/hirings to fans who think the guys who just got hired made the mess in the first place. In that context the distinction he draws is perfectly reasonable.

I will say that Lowe should not be the guy holding the mike when important announcements need to be made. He's a terrible public speaker - bested in that department only by Tamby. He bumbled his way through that whole press conference and could barely even read the scripted part of it correctly. Absolutely sounded like an ass when he brought up his SC rings.

Still, its a great day to be an Oiler fan.
See ya Tamby - and thanks for nothing.
Now doesn't that just make sense? Put the torches down now and go home...

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