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04-16-2013, 02:10 PM
oil slick
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Originally Posted by Oil Gauge View Post
As for all the KLowe hate, it amuses me. Everyone wanted Tambilini fired and he does it at what was probably the first real chance he had and people think he makes a bad Hockey Ops President. Sure you can question who he hired, but its premature to judge him for his decision. It could be the best thing for this organization in a long time.
I heard this type of thing 5 years ago. I heard it 4 years ago. I heard it 3, 2, and 1 year ago. Every year, you have apologists saying that it takes time to turn things around (even if Lowe was the chief when the mess was created), and we can't judge Lowe yet.

Well it's not this hard to build a playoff team. It doesn't take 7 years to create a winning team. How do I know? How about the fact that Edmonton will soon have the longest playoff drought in the NHL.

Here's a stat to show just how historically bad Lowe has been during his tenure. In another 3 weeks, only 5 teams in the history of the NHL will have had longer playoff droughts. Requiring 8 years to get to the playoffs is not normal.

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