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04-16-2013, 02:11 PM
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Bruins fan coming in peace, just caught some of Lowe's press conference on the Score and do i feel bad for you guys:

Couple interesting tidbits

-Tries to take credit for getting the Oilers "within a period" of a 6th Stanley Cup (Mac-T gets the credit for that with his coaching)

Says -"We blew it up, we're in year 3 of that plan, are you trying to tell me you're impatient after 3 years?' (Considering you had 3 straight 1st overall picks and haven't even shown a lick of improvement? i'd be annoyed too) for example, Pittsburgh turned it around after 3 first overall picks, Chicago got back in the picture after 2 high picks.

- Claims because he and MacTavish both have multiple stanley cup rings, they know what it takes to win (Despite not admitting both of them rode the coattails of one of the greatest players in history to get those rings) and that whole "i have rings therefore i am a perfect candidate to run a team" doesn't fly, for reference please see Michael Jordan's Charlotte Bobcats.

I kinda wish Burke would have fought Lowe like he wanted to, would pay to see that after this debacle

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