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04-16-2013, 02:17 PM
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From a fan perspective, I liked Felix more than Cujo, and in fact I was pissed when the Leafs signed Cujo, because I really felt Potvin was the victim of a team in transition, and not very good in has last two seasons.
Felix actually did have a nice play-off run or two with LA.

Cujo was a very talented goalie but a technical nightmare, and yes he did look heroic making saves that should have been routine, but fans and media love that (see Jonas Gustsavsson's following here a year and more ago) Still I felt that Cujo would carry a team for a play-off round or two and then burn out.
He also seemed to need a team where he faced a lot of shots. He really was pretty incredible on St. Louis and Edmonton as well.

Belfour was by far the best of the three technically.

I don't think meaningful comparisons can be made with goalies before Potvin as the game position and equipment was incredibly different in say Palmateers time. The Popcorn kid was talented and a battler for sure, but he simply didn't have the benefit of the coaching and technique of modern goaltending.

My list of all time favorite Leaf goalies is probably odd:
1. Jacques Plante. He is why I am a Leaf fan and a goalie.
2. JS Giguere, though in fairness it is much more about his play in Anaheim.
3. Felix Potvin
4. Mike Palmateer

Bower and Sawchuck were just before my time but in clips I think Sawchuck was a crazy talented goalie and Bower was pretty great too. They were from the bravest/craziest era of goaltending for sure!!!

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