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04-16-2013, 02:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Djp View Post

This is something that was done totally within the US.

Likely lone wolf of two types:

(1) disgruntled for Army soldier who was affected by Iraq. He likely had training on IEDs. He either was wounded by one or knew people who were. He didnt like the lack of compassion in the country for soldiers (esepecially true in NE) so this was done with the intent of people here understand what its really like.

(2) the person has some ties to Iraq/Afghanistan whos family was affected by an IED so they did it here
1.) Soldiers and Marines don't get that type of training. They learn to identify the signs of an implanted IED. There's no training on composition aside from basic components. There's no training on construction of devices. Even the EOD folks don't get trained to build them, just disarm them.

You have the exact same level of instruction on IED building that any Marine or Soldier has, from the internet. Not to say a Soldier or Marine didn't do it, but they've got no special abilities to do so.

2.) Based on the reported pressure-cooker construction of the devices, this might be possible. We saw lots of these types of devices in Afghanistan. I was a recon company commander in an airborne unit, and we did a lot of dismounted movement in Afghanistan. This type of device was my #1 daily concern.

All that said, these things are incredibly easy to construct with simple instructions obtained on the internet. Anyone could have done this.

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