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04-16-2013, 03:41 PM
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Originally Posted by AlexBrovechkin8 View Post
True that. Whenever I hop onto other teams pages, they have pre-game discussion threads before they actually start a GDT... some times days in advance. There are multiple GDTs because they've reached the post limit, then they have post-game recap and discussion threads. They also have GDT sign-up threads, and people have all types of crazy graphics, YouTube and audio links, newspaper articles, etc on the first post.

Our GDTs consist of pictures of tanks, gifs, and the occassional twitter update on whose playing. One guy tried to do a comprehensive (and impressive) GDT as his 1st post and was essentially booed off the stage. Most of the 1st 2 pages of that GDT were an argument over the complexity of the GDT. Has he been back since?
Sorry, too lengthy of a post. I stopped reading after "True that".

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