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04-16-2013, 04:12 PM
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Originally Posted by WeThreeKings View Post
He's a terrible goalie and just like their shooting %.. it will all average back to a normal level. Leafs are in for a rude awakening soon.

Which is what is happening to us. Statistically we were scoring the first goal more often than not. That is starting to balance out and we're a completely different hockey team.
He IS a terrible goalie. You know how one is considered a good positional goalie if the puck just hits you. That is not at all how pucks just hit him. He puts himself in the wrong position and shooters miss the shot, that sort of thing. NEver knows where the puck is. Has made some hilariously bad save attempts, but still luck is luck and just like their S%, it's gone on long enough that it's starting to be objectively...sustainable. I don't see why in another 6 games, it'll all of a sudden collapse.

That and for the most part, I think they're loaded up on franc-tireurs. They can wire shots to the back of the net top corner. Can't remember last time we did that. High and wide. I think it's just a practice things and I know they DO practice shooting a LOT.

But yeah, Reimer is not sustainable.

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