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04-16-2013, 04:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Oil Gauge View Post
I think its funny how worked up people get over this stuff.

It makes sense to make this move sooner than later. Doesn't really make sense to do it without knowing who might be available this summer though, but then you have to wait until summer and go into the draft and free agency with a GM who is less than prepared.

Going with MacT makes sense in the fact that he knows this team way better than any other GM prospect would. With this team which needs immediate change that will be valuable in helping him make sound quick moves as soon as the end of the playoffs.

None of us can really say whether this is a good move or not. Mac T has no real GM experience but that doesn't mean that he isn't going to be a good GM. Maybe he really showed a great understanding for the Job over the last year working with the Management group. Many of you thought he was being groomed for the GM Job, Having spent a year with the Organization learning the management side of things he could be more than ready.

As for all the KLowe hate, it amuses me. Everyone wanted Tambilini fired and he does it at what was probably the first real chance he had and people think he makes a bad Hockey Ops President. Sure you can question who he hired, but its premature to judge him for his decision. It could be the best thing for this organization in a long time.
I think it's pretty clear the reason most of us want Lowe gone is the precedence he sets. Of course, none of us actually know if he is good at his job because none of us really even know what he does. For all we know, he's paid to hang out pal around with Katz and whoever else just because. We all know he should have been fired for his horrible performance as GM, but he was instead promoted by himself to a seemingly self created position so he could continue to call the shots and not get blamed for it. Has Lowe made good moves? OF course he has, 2006 wasn't a fluke. But 3 playoff appearances in 12 years doesn't lie. He's made some horrific moves and handed out some albatross contracts that have crippled the team. The precedence that bothers us is that as bad as this team is, apparently Lowe will always be around and of course by causation we associate Lowe with the teams mediocrity, and there is no change in sight unless he isn't around.

Does that still amuse you?

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