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04-16-2013, 04:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Byrddog View Post
I could not resist posting after the homeristic reactions to my bringing this subject up yeaterday. The AD's making the playoffs is important to the development of the young guys. Much more so than skating against NHL players and not being able to compete like the past couple nights.
Maybe I missed a post since, but wasn't your position yesterday that having FF up was a bad thing, not the rest of the AHL kids? I distinctly remember you implying the Sedins would eat him alive, which still baffles me.

I'm not sure what posting a link to a blog about AHL players being sent back down has to do with Filip Forsberg or your opposition to him being on the big club. Unless, of course, FF himself had been sent down, which he was not.

The position all along has been that this season is over, and having FF up where he can be viewed against NHL talent to see what skills he actually does have and how honed those skills is a good thing. How that is "homeristic" I do not know, though I am growing weary of the constant labeling of those who hold opposing opinions. And that isn't just a remark about your homeristic comment since you are not the only one who labels folks.

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