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04-16-2013, 05:00 PM
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Originally Posted by haveandare View Post
Okay, even as an interesting scenario that isn't a proposal, my feelings are the same.
No prob as long as that's clear.

I took the contracts of the NY players and the discount on Weber into account, we just disagree about the importance of the center position in today's NHL. That's fine, we don't need to agree. I'm just sharing my feelings.

Richards is declining quickly.
Yes, but if I got enough value otherwise, I would just as soon let him earn that $$ next year. With great mates, he should have enough in tank for next season.

Brassard is a safe 3C, a gamble at 2C. Miller is an unknown as of yet. Haley/Powe are fine 4Cs. Lindberg is an unknown like Miller.
Complete agree.
Felt the retaining of SW at a 5m cap, and moving 3 guys we'd have to give raises to, was worth living with this temporary but improving picture at pivot.

We need a 1C and a 2C, or at least we need to keep Stepan and get another 1/2 tweener like him. Look at the cup winners in recent history - Kings, Bruins, Blackhawks, Penguins, Red Wings. Which of them had a center corp nearly as weak as Richards, Brassard, Miller/Kredier/Lindber, Haley/Powe? We've got the goalie, we've got good wingers, we've got a deep group of D. Need another 1/2 center.
this scenario is one that sets up the cap space and environment you need to be able to do that.
After next season, you have a strong pitch for Malkin, and if anybody can break this free agent signing curse, ya hope its arguably the best player in the world.

And if not... still have options.

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