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Originally Posted by doubledown99 View Post
First it's one game. Second, the dmen outshone the forwards in that game. Third, Monahan isn't flashy. He will not impress in the way Hall or Yak will. He plays a simple game and if you first watch him you are sort of disappointed. The more you watch him the more you appreciate him and realize how smart he is. After a while you start loving his game.

If we were to pick him, I have no doubt lots of Oiler fans will jump to conclusions and say it was a bad pick. I'm also sure that by game 30 Oiler fans will start to love Monahan. By end of the year he would be an untouchable. If we made the playoffs next year people will be debating if he is better than Nuge (I don't think so but others may).

Nuge is decent example. I think he is the most talented Oiler (well maybe Yak). Most fans I'm assuming would say Hall (and Yak). The Nuge though makes such underrated plays. His defensive work is really good. Even his dump in plays are so excellent. Yet lots probably don't pay attention to those facets (and I don't blame them). I think give Nuge some more time to gain some size and strength and look out. I think he will be absolutely scary by 23-25.

Monahan and Nuge aren't flashy ( Nuge can be at times) but they are extremely skilled and their hockey sense is through the roof. When you combine hockey sense and skill it's only a matter of time before they become really good players. But that is just my opinion
I think most Oilers fans would totally embrace a Monahan selection. Look at the poll results, not many would interpret Monahan as being a bad choice. I also think we're going to end up in good position to have a shot at this guy. If we can get to #6, I think he's an Oiler in June.

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