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04-16-2013, 06:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
I follow pretty much the whole NHL. Just about every NHL team could use a guy like him to upgrade their top 4, on some teams he'd be top 2.

The 3-2 goal yesterday, the pass was from Giroux to Voracek. Only in your imagination did Gorges pass to the front of the net, for a guy with great recollection it's pretty fuzzy on that goal. Yes Gorges missed the puck and it led to a goal, but if you're going to crap on a guy at least have it be SOME semblance of reality.

Not sure where you get that he keeps giving the opposition the puck in the offensive zone or is slow as molasses...must be your imagination talking.

The +- stat CAN be a flawed stat if you just blindly look at it with no context...but I didn't do that I gave you very good context and you had nothing to come back with...your only comeback is that "it's a flawed stat".

For a guy that is so big, strong good, fast and skilled he sure wasn't playing much on a crappy Toronto team last year...16 minutes a night. He was not even getting #4 minutes on a poor Phillie defense until 2 weeks ago when Grossman went out and they had no choice but to play him. He's massively overrated.
He isn't a top 2 on any team. What the...

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