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Originally Posted by oil slick View Post
I heard this type of thing 5 years ago. I heard it 4 years ago. I heard it 3, 2, and 1 year ago. Every year, you have apologists saying that it takes time to turn things around (even if Lowe was the chief when the mess was created), and we can't judge Lowe yet.

Well it's not this hard to build a playoff team. It doesn't take 7 years to create a winning team. How do I know? How about the fact that Edmonton will soon have the longest playoff drought in the NHL.

Here's a stat to show just how historically bad Lowe has been during his tenure. In another 3 weeks, only 5 teams in the history of the NHL will have had longer playoff droughts. Requiring 8 years to get to the playoffs is not normal.
We all know its been a while since the Oilers have been in the playoffs. Klowe knows it, Katz knows it, everyone knows.

Like Lowe said after the cup run they chased a dream, admittedly it was a mistake that led them to Taylor Hall. There is no way anyone here can say that at that moment building the team around Hall was not 100% the right thing to do. So how do you do that? Do you just plug him into your old cancerous locker room? Or do you build a team around him that can grow with him, Eberle, RNH, Yakupov, Schultz, Smid. That's a group to build around.

We all knew that this road would be long and painful, and I doubt there is anyone on this board that didn't want a rebuild. Yet somehow now that we are near the end we are mad that the Oilers chose to rebuild the team around Hall? It makes no sense. Was this year a disappointment? Yeah it was. Were the last 3 years a disappointment? Not at all, they were exactly what we all signed up for.

Could the Oilers have made the playoffs sooner? Possibly if they decided to retool similar to Toronto. They didn't, instead they decided to use the model that builds a greater opportunity for long term success. What do the leafs have that says they will be a good team in 10 years? Kadri, Kessel, Gardiner? The Oilers have 3 1st overalls, Eberle and Schultz.

Originally Posted by Mr Forever View Post
I think it's pretty clear the reason most of us want Lowe gone is the precedence he sets. Of course, none of us actually know if he is good at his job because none of us really even know what he does. For all we know, he's paid to hang out pal around with Katz and whoever else just because. We all know he should have been fired for his horrible performance as GM, but he was instead promoted by himself to a seemingly self created position so he could continue to call the shots and not get blamed for it. Has Lowe made good moves? OF course he has, 2006 wasn't a fluke. But 3 playoff appearances in 12 years doesn't lie. He's made some horrific moves and handed out some albatross contracts that have crippled the team. The precedence that bothers us is that as bad as this team is, apparently Lowe will always be around and of course by causation we associate Lowe with the teams mediocrity, and there is no change in sight unless he isn't around.

Does that still amuse you?
How is president of hockey Ops a made up position? I'm pretty sure most NHL teams have a similar position.

Over the last 13 years that Lowe has been involved in the management of this team How many years of that do you think he had a chance of building a team that had a chance to make the playoffs? We can scratch out 2000-2005 those years were pre Salary Cap Pre Katz where this team had little to no chance at building anything due to the EIG and its lack of money. Once 06 hit the Oilers had a chance to compete when the cap came in. and Lowe showed us that immediately when he made some huge acquisitions, Pronger and Peca were the 2 big ones. It had been 20 years since the Oilers could attract such talent. What did that lead to? Game 7.

How did Lowe handle the aftermath of the Cup run, Not very well. He tried to keep a team that was that close to winning a cup together by overpaying guys like Pisani. He lost Pronger to no fault of his own followed by Smyth and thats pretty much when the team fell apart. That's pretty much when he stepped down/up into the President position.

As the president he hired Tambi, who had 5 years at the helm. The first 3 were trying to make the playoffs, we all remember how those years went. The 3rd year was the injury riddled year that lead us to Taylor Hall, which started the rebuild. This year is the first year that you could look at the rebuild and say, "Ok now they have a core, they have to start winning". Tambi didn't win and Lowe fired him. I'm not sure how else he should have handled things as the president of hockey operations.

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