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Originally Posted by rynryn View Post
i disagree...i won't attribute a high hockey IQ to him as one of his features but I think the general disorganization of that team and the fact that he's often the most noticeable player (for the positive reasons i mentioned) blow it out of proportion. I see him as a crash and react kind of guy not a ice-reading sniper/playmaker but I think he's just playing to his strengths. I think some of the mistakes he makes (bad hits and plays on the ice both) are a result of him trying to do too much by himself, picking up the tons of slack his teammates are leaving lay around. I'd take him on the Wild over any of the other guys.

Meh, I guess it could be a chicken/egg thing. Is it the lack of a system or lack of players that are capable of playing it. My opinion of Hall is probably influenced by watching "oil change" for years. I have shoes that are smarter than that kid.

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