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04-16-2013, 08:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Kel Varnsen View Post
That read like the temper tantrum of a child, not coherent points on which serious discussion can take place.
What? Coherent points? Oh wait...hold on...Torts isn't egocentric? Talk about temper tantrums....he exemplifies them best of all. Stop being his damn spokesperson. Torts is a stubborn mule. He is not willing to change. It is his way or the highway. It's Torts Law. People plead for Clowe. Plead for a player that fits Torts' style. Man has he been invisible on the scoresheet. Grit only gets you so far. We trade Gaborik out of here because 'he wasn't fitting' anymore. Yeah a 40 goal scorer wasn't fitting anymore. You wanna know why? Because Torts implements a vanilla, grind it out, dump and chase offense. Stop with your ******** no one has time for it. Kreider is sitting in the AHL. When he was here he was the scapegoat. He might not have been scoring but he wasn't doing things terribly wrong...yet he went to the 4th line then benched then to the minors. Thank god we sent down a goal scorer. Genius. We give Torts the guys that he wants but that just makes us last years team...a team that can't score goals. Go ahead Kel defend him all night, all year. At the end of the day your in the minority. Torts is the problem. It's been all excuses during his tenure here. He doesn't have this, he doesn't have that. We've given him a multitude of players. Yet they never solve the problems. At what point do we finally understand it's the coach and not the players? Or are we gona be as stubborn as Torts is?


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