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04-16-2013, 09:06 PM
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Re: Kassian/Rinne/Weber

Rinne did give Kassian a pretty decent shot...but nothing out of the ordinary in a physical game. I'm trying to remember who it was, but an opposing goalie gave one of our players an equal, if not harder shot, followed by a number of crosschecks from another player (St. Louis or San Jose, maybe?). In any case, our player did not go after the goalie.

What Kassian should've done is just skate away, maybe say something to the ref. But he didn't. Personally, cross checking the goalie and what I assume would be trying to get him to fight while all the other players were skating down ice is chicken****, IMO. Call me a traditionalist, but the only person that should be fighting a goalie is another goalie (and that applies to goalies that attempt to start fights with players as well...let your teammates handle it). Yes, Rinne is a big boy and I'm sure he could handle himself...but while the goalie equipment is protective, it's also bulky and it would not be a fair fight for anyone Kassian's size.

As for Weber not reacting quickly enough and the team "not standing up for each other"...I call ******** on that. Yeah, I suppose if your entire team is a goon squad (Flyersesque), that might work. But let's be real...our guys do stand up for each other. Maybe not each and every incident. I know we complain about guys not stepping up for Hornqvist...but let's face it...Horny knows EXACTLY what he is doing, and he's trying to draw penalties. Stepping up and getting in scrums might result in having a potential powerplay negated, or, even worse, with us being shorthanded.

Shea is the captain. He knows it. Whenever there is a scrum with multiple players, he's in there and grabs a partner. That's what you do. Sure, Shea can fight...but do we want him in the box for 5 minutes every time someone needs to "step up"? No. That's Richard Clune's job.

And as valuable as Weber is, we cannot risk him being 3rd man in or second fight and getting a misconduct. We need a level-headed captain, and that's what we have. HE can't be the guy out there defending everyone else on the ice. Even two minutes for roughing is likely a bad trade, because in all likelihood, unless he's scrapping with another star, it benefits them more than us. So for those expecting Weber to be the one to always be in there throwing gloved punches and facewashes...or fighting...that's silly. If that's what you want, then we need more bottom 6 tough guys. We've seen Angry Shea. It's awesome. But does Angry Shea get us more wins? That's my question. Playing with passion is great...if it is controlled. Look at Gill. Gill took a LOT from Burrows before he reacted. And though Burrows most certainly deserved to get penalized (absolutely stupid that he didn't), the fact is, he didn't. Tough break...but that's how it goes. You retaliate, and you risk an official being a total ********.

And the thought that Weber didn't get there in time on this occasion...that's ridiculous. The play was headed down the ice...and we had an odd man advantage with Kassian lingering back. There's no way Shea could've done anything more than he did. What do you want him to do, throw the official out of the way to get to Kassian? That would be a good way to earn a suspension.

In summation: defending teammates is a good thing. But there is strategy behind it. Some things can be chalked up to hockey plays (hard, but legal checks, or generally rough play) just return the favor later in the game. But with scrums, you always run the risk of going shorthanded when you go goon squad on people. In this situation, that would've been fine, had the ref not been in the way.

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