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04-16-2013, 09:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Kel Varnsen View Post
I didn't realize you knew torts personally. Either that or you're an extremely judgmental and currently overly emotional person. Clowe has infinity times more goals here than he had in san jose this year. Gabby wasn't a 40 goal scorer when we traded him. And his contract made it impossible to fit him next year. He didn't fit cap wise. System wise he scored 40 goals twice in three years with torts "grind it out" system. Kreider needs some AHL time, nothing wrong with that. He's a young kid, lets not rush him.

He led this team to an eastern conference championship in the reg season last full season, and brought us to the conference championship last year. Get a ****ing grip. Its pretty ****ing stubborn and arrogant of you to think you know better than Torts with all he's accomplished in the NHL. What have you done? ***** on the internet from your couch? I'm not impressed and neither Sather nor Dolan give a **** what you think, and good for them they shouldn't.
All this just sounds stupid.

2 goals for Clowe is infinitely more? 2 goals? TWO? Are you kidding me? Thank god you aren't a politician in a debate otherwise your campaign team would have to be fired and banished to a dark hole.

Wait, wait, wait....Gaborik didn't fit the grind it out system? more minute....gaborik didn't fit the uncreative and offensively challenged system? Is that what you're telling me. It is a goal scorer's fault for not fitting that system? That dump and chase system? What drugs are you taking? What rose colored glasses are you wearing? Because I need both so I can be as naive as you are.

Rush Kreider? Who's rushing him? Torts certainly isn't because when he's been up he has barely played to truly show he is being rushed. I don't care about a few mistakes. He has not been given a fair chance. This team has struggled all year to score goals, to score on the PP. So we decide to push out a young player who can score. That makes sense. Stop drinking the kool aid. Stop buying into the bs.

Oh and give it a rest with he led us to the ECF....because he barely did that. THANK GOD he got us past ottawa and washington with two game 7 series..THANK GOD he did that with a team that finished 1st in the conference. How naive are you? Please tell me. I don't care what experience I have or don't have in the NHL. The same could be said for you...what the hell do you know? It is pretty apparent to many here what the problems are with this team. We were outplayed by the devils bottom two lines. Henrik Lundqvist led us to the ECF not torts. It was an offensively challenged team. Stop blowing Torts. Stop living in the past. Torts won a cup in a different hockey era. During a grind it out, clutch and grab era. His philosophy worked then. Torts was a 4th line checking type player when he played. It is no wonder he has no clue about offensive creativity. This dump and chase crap does not work here. The game is faster all around. The rangers dump in and they get beat to the puck; all the sudden theres an odd man rush going the other way. They can't sustain offense. How many more excuses are you willing to make? Or is it just every single players fault that's been brought into this organization during his tenure? In your eyes yes because Tortorella is God and if a player can't play for him they must be garbage. What has HE accomplished here? Do tell. I don't want to hear about last year because last year they had flaws too. They could not score for him. It is his system. I'm sick of this defense of Torts. I tried to wait him out. But this is brutal. They struggled at the coliseum. They did not have great offense. No surprise there though. But we'll blame the players instead. Keep replacing them for the next decade.

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