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04-16-2013, 10:13 PM
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Originally Posted by WeThreeKings View Post
I don't think he's having a Vezina worthy season. But your logic that if Price is the default choice because of injuries and struggles this season, and teams can't vote for their own goalie, then you have to axe the Habs vote, then you'd also have to concede that Price didn't struggle as badly as the other struggling goalies, and that in any situation there is no more than 2 goalies in the East by each coach that has been better this season than Price.
It's not my logic. It's merely a depiction of the situation of the voting. You can decide to read whatever you want into it. But it wasn't an opinion in itself.

But since you seem adamant about wanting me to explain that comment so :

As for the Vezina, many of the coaches acknowledged that Ottawa's Craig Anderson was well on his way to being a slam dunk in this category but his injury derailed that.
That's basically why I mentionned injuries, that and Ward.

And the reason I actually mentionned the struggles is because it put everyone more or less on the same level. Then it became a crap shoot, votes went a bit everywhere and Price ended up with more votes in a weird situation. Now I know you will say I'm trying to diminish his accomplishment. But I'm merely trying to explain something that made no sense to me.

I don't think my assumption is too far fetched or illogical. You may think otherwise, that's fine. There are other players concerned with this whole thing, so this is my last post about this I don't want to keep raining on the party, or pooping on the parade.. or wait what ?

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