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Originally Posted by jfb392 View Post
It was actually an NHL scout that said it.

I can't find the article anymore, but the quote was "he has one move but it works all of the time".
Thats one scout who probably only has had limited viewings of him from the U17/u20 WJCs. I can assure you that this scout hasn't been follwing him all season. Very few NHL scouts are stationed in Russia, a good portion of NHL teams have 0 scouts in Russia. Even fewer NHL scouts (maybe none) scout the VHL games. Many scouts blabber about hear-say from other scouts when it comes to some of the Russian guys.
I have watched a majority of his VHL games via youtube, almost all of his KHL games and he is head and shoulders better than any other forward out there. Fulcrum is right, its the fact that he can dominate at such a young age in a league where there exists a tonne of NHL experience. He turned Salmella inside out, then drove to the net and beat Kari Ramo for a brilliant clutch goal in the playoffs, for example. Its his strength, speed, shot, hockey sense that make him dangerous. Like an NHL scout has said, this type of domination in Russia hasn't been seen since Malkin. He's been way better than Kuznetsov already this play offs which speaks volumes. I can go on and on. He will likely go number 2, he's that good that it won't matter if a team needs to wait 2-3 years to get him - 1 NHL scout says throw th Russian factor out the window -he's that good..... Want me to go on naysayers?

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