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04-16-2013, 10:55 PM
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I am 100% behind the Tambellini firing and partially behind the MacTavish appointment as GM. I'm not sure if he is the best candidate available, but I feel confident he is an improvement on his predecessor and if we must hire a boy on the bus, he is my top choice of former Oiler Alumni to be put in the GM position, but saying that it still does not make him the right choice.

Craig MacTavish is a smart individual and I think he will be strong in the most important duty of a GM which is talent evaluation and clearly identifying need. He will have a good pulse on what our team is and what it needs and more often than not will remove the wheat from the chaff. I remember prior to the 2006 Stanley Cup push it was MacT who made the call that team was capable of winning a Stanley Cup and he made the call and told Lowe to bolster the team to make a push. When MacT was our coach I can recall very few examples of players he didn't have time for who were successful elsewhere a lot of people were crying for Schremp and Rita to get icetime, they didn't get that icetime and were eventually traded and flopped proving his initial intuition right. Even for all the flack he got playing Toby Peterson he was still a better NHL player than either of Schremp or Rita.

To me MacT's weaknesses are that he has a temper and has had public falling out's with certain players, being a GM as opposed to coach he is more insulated from direct player interaction/confrontation, but at some point could become an issue again. He knows the value and importance of key role players and I believed he played atleast some role in the contract Horcoff got, and while he wasn't the man who signing contracts in the past we have had some overpaid role players in his time here such as Moreau, Pisani, etc. regardless of their value to the team you don't necessarily have to pay them what is "fair" for their contributions to the team merely what it takes to get a deal done. Detroit paid their pretty famous grind line a pretty modest sum for quite sometime, and that contributed to their success, you have to get some value contracts wherever and whenever you can.

To me the part that seperates good GM's from great GM's is the ability to institute the kind of culture you want through your organization and having the vision to foresee where the game is headed and be infront of the curve as opposed to behind it, chasing it. These are things that are more of the wait and see category and will play some role in MacT success or lack thereof in his new role.

Regardless of all this 3 cheers for the long overdue firing of the dithering dope Steve Tambellini.

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