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04-16-2013, 11:09 PM
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Nobody is complaining about Nash's numbers here, the other aspects to his game are Bantam level. Not only can he be any worse defensively, he actually makes it easier to score on Lundqvist when he does his "hero slide" which ALWAYS misses. He floats in the neutral and offensive zone when he gets muscled off the puck or double-teamed, he seems to have a very low offensive IQ in the offensive zone. He shoots when he should pass, and if something isn't there, he keeps on trying. Either he doesn't have trust in his line-mates, or he is so used to playing as a 1 man show, that he is set in his ways. I don't even think Tortorella talks to him or studies film with him. Tortorella says he's "low maintenance" so that's good enough for him, just go out and play big boy, you're Canadian, all is forgiven. Sorry Torts, but your time is running out, your shelf life is past expired, if you were milk, I'd throw you out the window that's how old your system is. It's 2013, incorporate offense into the game or get forced out of the league you came into being a PP specialist ( how ironic).

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