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04-17-2013, 01:21 AM
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Originally Posted by zuckera1 View Post
It's hard for me to understand why his play has dropped off so much this year.

Was it the lockout? Maybe, but he should have his legs underneath him by now after 35 games.
Is it Torts? Probably not, Torts has put him out there with Nash and Gaborik throughout the year and he's still not producing.
Is it the system? Can't be, he had 66 points last year in the same system.
Has he just been snake-bitten and unlucky? He hasn't caught many breaks this year, not a good excuse though.
Is it all mental/personal issues? Possibly
Is he hiding an injury? Also possible

I want an answer to this question almost as much as I want Brad to play better
Badly prepared physically, obviously content with the contract and the big payday and steadily declining real fast since joining last year. Deja vu to any Ranger fan? Maybe not a conscious attitude thing, but it all adds up in the subconscious mind.
I think he believes he tries and cares - but cannot find the inner strength to put it up any more. Not the ideal guy to be wearing a letter at this stage either. Locker room distraction GRANDE IMO. That is obvious. Simply - he has lost "the eyes of the tiger" so to speak.
And as long as his BFF runs the show things are not changing either, be so sure. I know how this works, seen it happen so many times in the professional business and sports world. Great........ There is no turning back here. Amnesty buyout this year or next, mediocracy and frustration until then...

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