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04-17-2013, 02:01 AM
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You probably wouldn't have lost any real time if you had stayed behind the circle jerk, because it sounds like they weren't even close to being helped at security/boarding. That being said, you saw a bunch of people standing around, not really "in" line and you made your move. Depending on my mood and time of day I probably would have done the same thing. They allowed a gap to form and you filled part of it. It's their fault for gawking. The description of this scene in comparison to a traffic accident is fair play to me and if everyone were in cars and unable to be physically confronted the way you were more people would have done the same thing. People in cars get their lookie-loo and then take advantage; you did the same thing.

Anyways, it's an international airport with a bunch of strangers who were being inconsiderate. **** em.

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