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Originally Posted by Ih8theislanders View Post
Would've preferred a Devils home game at Met Life next year. I'm sure they would've been fine waiting a year if they got that guaranteed. Obviously it'd be tough next season with the super bowl being here.
Probably, but I don't think the league wants to bring the WC back to the East again. MetLife is also never going to be realistically possible on NYD because that's always Week 17 and it'd be a schedulign nightmare. You'd have to make sure 2 NFL teams are on the road and somehow make the rink within one week (unless you want 2 NFL teams on the road in Week 16 AND 17) and disassemble it a few days later in case either team has a playoff game at home the following week.

That's also assuming the perfect scenario where NYD is on a Sunday. If it's a weekday, it's practically impossible.

Originally Posted by Mightygoose View Post
The first LA and the 2 NY games are scheduled well on that bye weekend before the Super Bowl. As long as the stadiums are full and the games are watched on TV then I guess the golden goose will lay those eggs.

curious on the 2 NY games, I take it only one would be considered a home game. The Isles, I think will be a home less at the coliseum.
Better yet, both NY games are during the week NY/NJ is hosting the Superbowl. NHL is trying to piggyback off the increased media presence the NFL will create, great idea IMO.

Rangers are the away team for both games, likely because that's the 'fair' thing to do (they get to play two but aren't home for either, other teams get to play one and are home) though there's really no practical difference outside of jersey colors.

I wonder if NHL will be wanting throwback jerseys for these events or just regular jerseys.

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