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04-17-2013, 04:04 AM
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Originally Posted by frostyflo View Post
Add my 2 cents to yours:

Saying, and rightly so, that you don't understand how people bring in last years performance just to say later Sobi is, rightly again, the most consistant guy over the last couple of seasons doesn't make sense to me
You caught me there. I misspoke. I should have not have said that because it contridicts my entire point. So that remark aside I feel my argument is a pretty good point.

And who ever said you could make an argument for Perron, and then compare him to Stewart, I wanna know what games you have been watching. Perron has had so many offensive zone penalties, his point production is not up to par at all with his expectations and frankly I think he is a puck hog who tries to be fancy and loses the puck. Honestly I would have gladly traded him and on that note if it were possible I would send him to Peoria for a stint sort of like Elliot's so he can rethink his playing this season.

I still see no one making a case for Berglund at all which surprises me. He is 2nd in goals just behind Stewart and seeing as how we don't have a ton of goal production that is a pretty big deal. Defintely had some improvements in his game this year as well. I do digress that he really is not the MVP though.

The goalies being consider MVP is a bit rough to argue, I suppose. I still think there is enough substance to argue for Allen definitely not Halak or Elliot unless he can carry us through the playoffs.

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