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Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post

The funny thing with this situation you don't even have to reach back to comparisons to Dryden or Roy to make any point. People need to look no further than players like Hayward , Hackett, or even Huet to find guys who supposedly were on the underdog side skill wise and all seemed to relish the personal challenges of being in Montreal. Those guys were less than gods and they got a job done. Night in and night out. Worked themselves out of slumps, no coddling, no army of people making excuses. Without the benefit of a good team. Oh yeah, and they got little respect.

I see the disdain shown by the novice masses towards these less "thoroughbred" players, but all have something Price doesn't.

This season is crumbling quickly, and here we are debating whether it's better to lose with Price's tattered confidence, or put an experienced 7-1-1 goalie and regain a shot at a division title.

This debate is only this one sided on HFboards, and yes it's because people here are youth-focused, hero-focused, and yes less experienced.

talk to someone outside HF, Price is not as admired or revered, or even respected as much as with the youth crowd. That's experience and wisdom at play. Deal with it.

Winning trumps all else, that's the true history of Montreal. Not trumping up false heroes and worrying about whether the hero will lose his job to a "backup" who played poorly 3 years ago with another team under different circumstances.

Another thing I find odd is the constant Leaf bashing and the 3 year old analysis of their team. Once again, if you're not watching you may think this is 5 years ago, but the Leafs are a freight train right now. Proven against our team. Possibly peaking at a good time. Not intimidated by our building, our fans, or our goaltender.

It's a team to avoid. Seriously. By way of winning a Division. That's why it would behoove the habs (and fans) to get out of the "just glad to be in the playoffs because I didn't think we had a chance 3 months ago" mode and get back to winning thought processes.
Your posts have been superb on this topic. "Youth focused, and hero focused." Brilliant.

I have one consistent position: The last two games were a disaster regarding the playoffs. They have changed everything.

I hold Price partly responsible for that, and I should.

But now we must move on.

We must do everything we can to win the division, including playing Budaj our last 6 games if required.

Price can sit and prepare for the onslaught in the PO. And I have faith in him. But we cannot **** around any more.

The last two, yes two, winnable games, may have just negated Habs advantage won by playing superb hockey for 40 games.

I am massively pissed off by that.

Not one other guy except you has got this on these boards. Not ****ing one guy. Unbelievable.

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