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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Oh sure, I remember B/A Gas. Red & Green logo... and of course "Wouldnt a Dow go good now"?.... mid-80's in Ontario you had the OHA Sr.A Flamborough Motts Clamatos (quite possibly the most hideous name a teams ever been called) with players like Blake & Bobby Hull Jr., Stan Jonathan, a bunch of former Major Junior & former Minor Pro's, a few with a handful of NHL games but ya, for all intensive purposes it lost all of its ground through the 70's & into the 80's & beyond. With the right kind of sponsorship etc, might not have. A couple of leagues did come & go that showed some promise...
Still we are talking about leagues and teams that arrived at the party just before the last dance. Flamborough a race track - horses and an off mainstream drink. Sure you had other efforts. Later - NAHL in Quebec, combining fighting with hockey. Appealed to local sponsors, low brow FM station, etc.

In the mid fifties Dow Breweries was sponsoring radio televised Montreal Royals baseball games,International League. Quebec Aces in the old Q had some Sunday afternoon games televised locally.

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