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04-17-2013, 08:39 AM
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Originally Posted by bsl View Post
Your posts have been superb on this topic. "Youth focused, and hero focused." Brilliant.

I have one consistent position: The last two games were a disaster regarding the playoffs. They have changed everything.

I hold Price partly responsible for that, and I should.

But now we must move on.

We must do everything we can to win the division, including playing Budaj our last 6 games if required.

Price can sit and prepare for the onslaught in the PO. And I have faith in him. But we cannot **** around any more.

The last two, yes two, winnable games, may have just negated Habs advantage won by playing superb hockey for 40 games.

I am massively pissed off by that.

Not one other guy except you has got this on these boards. Not ****ing one guy. Unbelievable.
Thanks, I admire your appreciation for what just transpired over the past 2 games.

These are obviously not the days of Bowman, but if they were the team would absolutely be terrified to turn in 2 performances like Saturday and Monday during a division hunt. There would have been a bag skate, one or 2 veterans banished to the pressbox ( I still have visions of 50 goal scorer Pierre Larouche watching games in from the stands because he couldn't get into the lineup) , and yes a goaltender change. There would be absolute fear of a repeat performance and no nonsense called "goaltender controversy".

The fans have bought into the soap opera around the team, not the team and this board is the worst. L'antichambre is the most quoted source around. There's more talk about contract status and hypothetical salary cap drama then actual play, people have dug in with Carey Price and convinced themselves that he is a real star, more than partly because many people here are too young to have actually seen a real star in a Montreal uniform ( not to disparage young people I have kids in their twenties I am fond of them ). They've convinced themselves that 29th best save pct. and the 22nd best gaa is elite performance. My god.

When Montreal lays an egg against a rival who they are competing with for home ice advantage and a possible division title, I don't care what L'ac has to say, or what Brendan Gallagher says into a microphone, or what anyone else in the infotainment industry or blogosphere says. I want to see what the coach does, and how the players respond. They responded by making no changes and laying another egg. Red alert.

And the "chill dude, we're in the playoffs" attitude blows my mind. I guess 8th really is the new first.

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